2023 Corvette Z06 Has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 4,021 Pounds


2023 Corvette Z06 Has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 4,021 Pounds

Photo Credit: Keith Cornett

Thanks to member Telepierre for sharing this printout showing the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating for the 2023 Corvette Z06. The chart is broken down into both Coupe (1YH07) and Convertible (1YH67) models, and we can make out some of the options the car was tested with, including the J57 carbon ceramic brakes, Z07 Performance Package, and T0G/T0J aero kits.

The chart lists the EPA’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, which is much different than the dry vehicle weight. If you are looking at the lowest weight rating being the 4,021 pounds for the Coupe and thinking that is high, it’s because that weight includes 300 lbs that would simulate the driver, passenger and cargo. Without the mandated 300 lbs, the dry vehicle weight is 3,721 pounds.

The Convertible model comes starting at 4,119 lbs (3,819 lbs dry), with the maximum configuration weighing in at 4,146 lbs (3,846 lbs dry).

2023 Corvette Z06 EPA Loaded Vehicle Weight

It appears that none of the vehicle weights included the carbon fiber wheels, which have a weight savings of 41 lbs over the aluminum wheels.

We go back to our conversation with Vehicle Chief Engineer Josh Holder, who told us at Carlisle that the Corvette team intentionally split the EPA fuel economy testing into the Coupe/Convertibles and those with aero vs non-aero. That resulted in the gas guzzler tax being $2600 for the standard Z06 versus $3000 for the Z07 Aero kits. That would explain why the EPA chart is based on Coupe/Convertible models and aero vs non-aero cars.

As compared to the C8 Corvette Stingray, the dry weight of the Z51 Coupe came in at 3,647 pounds as tested by Car and Driver. That’s only 74 pounds difference from the Z06, which is wider and has larger tires. They came to the conclusion that the switch to the mid-engine platform added an additional 200 lbs over the weight of a similarly equipped C7 Stingray.



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