21 Things You Can Rent Out for Profit

Renting out your stuff is an easy way to make a little extra cash without too much effort. You probably own a few things others would be willing to pay you to use. Here’s a list of things you can rent out for profit.

Set of car keys.
Make money renting out your stuff for profit.

Look around your house.

I bet you can find things you can rent out in your garage or closet right now. If you’re in the market for a side hustle you can start right away that doesn’t require much time or money, you can make money renting out your stuff.

So what items can I rent out to make money? Here are 21 things you can rent out for profit:

Things You Can Rent Out for Profit

1. Car

You can rent out your car when you’re not using it to earn extra money. Peer-to-peer car rental sites screen the drivers, provide insurance, and handle all the billing for you. You typically make 60-80 percent of the rental fee. You can rent your car by the hour or by the day.

If you’re interested, check out:

According to Turo, you can earn $706 per month with 12 trip rentals and a car with average quality metrics.

2. Truck

People sometimes find themselves in situations where only a truck will do. They might need to pick up an oversized purchase, move to a new apartment, or haul something somewhere. If you have a pickup truck or other work-type truck, you can rent it out when you’re not using it for extra cash.

Check out these sites to list your truck for rent:

3. Recreational Vehicle

Renting out your RV can be a solid extra income earner. People love hitting the open road in an RV for family vacations, to escape the winter, and to try out the lifestyle before buying an RV of their own.

There are several websites you can list your RV for rent, including:

RV rental rates fall in the $100 to $300 per day range with most rentals running a few days.

4. Boat or Watercraft

How often do you use your boat? Chances are, there are plenty of days or entire weekends when you’re not using it. You can make a few hundred dollars each time you rent it out.

List your boat for rent on one or more of these sites:

In our area, renting a six-passenger wake or ski boat for a full day at the lake via Boatsetter is around $350. Larger boats and party barges list at $500 and up for the day. You can also rent your jet skis and other watercraft at GetMyBoat and U Rent Me.

5. Motorcycle

On days you’re not out riding, you can list your motorcycle on peer-to-peer motorcycle rental sites. List yours here:

Motorcycles on these sites rent for anywhere from $50 to $250 per day. Most fall somewhere in between. Riders Share states top listers earn over $6,000 per month.

6. Parking Space or Driveway

If you live near a tourist destination, beach, or any place where parking is a hassle, you can rent out your driveway or assigned parking spot. Chances are you’re not using it every hour of every day. Why not earn a little extra money renting it out?

These sites list parking spaces for rent, handle the bookings, and collect the fees for you:

7. Ad Space on Your Car

If you’re not OK with letting others drive your car, another way to generate rental income with your car is by renting out advertising space on it. Companies pay to put temporary ads on your car doors similar to the ones real estate agents use or wrap your car with advertising.

How much you make depends on a few variables. Factors that determine your pay rate include:

  • What kind of car you drive
  • Your location
  • How many miles you typically drive
  • The advertiser
  • The type of ad
  • How long the campaign runs

You can make anywhere from $100 to $400 per month. Get started by visiting these websites:

8. Bicycle

If you don’t own a motor vehicle or a boat to rent out, you could make money renting out your bicycle. On nice days in bike-friendly cities, there’s a good bit of demand for bike rentals from locals and tourists. Create a free listing here:

Spinlister takes a 17.5% cut of your rental fee and they offer protection against damage and theft up to $5,000.

9. House or Spare Room

If you’re going to be away from your home for an extended period or have a spare room, there are multiple ways to earn rental income. You can list a room, guest house, or residence on Airbnb for a 3 percent fee. They handle the vetting, booking, and payment for you.

If you have a vacation home, condo, or cabin, you can list it for rent when you’re not using it through VRBO, (Vacation Rentals by Owner). With VRBO, you can choose a subscription for $499 per year, which covers fees for all bookings you make on the platform, or you can pay 5% of every booking plus a 3% payment processing fee.

You can also rent your home out by the hour for events, photo and film shoots, or other gatherings. You set your rate and hours of availability. Depending on the location and the type of space you’re offering, you can charge $50 to $200 an hour. Learn more at these sites:

10. Storage Space

Many people have more stuff than places to put it. Turn empty shelves, unused closets, or space in your garage, basement, or attic into extra cash. You can rent out your unused space to people who want to store things through:

If you have a garage, barn, or empty lot you’re not using, the site below specializes in helping people find a place to store their vehicles. If you have indoor or outdoor space for a car, RV, or semi, check out:

11. Yard or Land for Doggies

Most dog owners would love to have a safe, private place to take their dogs. It’s not always possible, unfortunately. City dwellers and apartment renters with dogs might never have that opportunity.

If you have a fenced-in backyard or private land available, you can rent it out to dog owners looking to get their dogs some exercise, play with them off the leash, or just get them out of their normal environment.

List your property here for free:

12. Land for Gardening or Farming

If you have space available in your yard or on your land, there might be people nearby looking to grow their own garden. You can rent out your unused patches of land to people who want to garden or farm. List your spot on one or both of these sites:

13. Land for Camping

If you have land you’re not using, you can rent it out to people looking for somewhere to camp. You don’t need to own a bunch of acres in the middle of the woods. It can be urban or rural, a garden, or a vast tract of land, as long as you have enough space for campers to pitch a tent.

Check out these two sites:

14. Swimming Pool

If you have a pool, list it for rent on Swimply. Pools typically rent in the $30 to $60 per hour range.

You don’t have to be home, but most hosts want to be there. You can also choose whether to include access to a bathroom or use of other amenities like a grill, fire pit, or pool toys.

15. Baby Stuff

If you have young children, then you probably have all kinds of baby gear. If your kids are no longer babies, families traveling to your city will gladly pay you to use what they don’t have or forgot to bring.

BabyQuip is a baby equipment rental service that rents essentials like cribs, strollers, car seats, and high chairs to traveling families. You’ll rent, deliver, and set up the baby gear you own in hotels, AirBnBs, and vacation rentals.

If you live near a vacation hotspot, major city, or touristy area, there’s bound to be demand. The site claims providers average $500 a month with some making over $5,000 per month.

Before you get started, know that BabyQuip charges a $200 startup fee. That covers the administrative fee, training materials, a website, and an email address.

Check their locations page to see if there’s demand in your area. Make sure this is something you’ll stick with before you fork over the $200.

16. Clothes

If you have clothes you barely wear taking up space at the back of your closet, but you just can’t bear to sell them on Poshmark, other people might rent them from you. Clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories are in demand and fetch pretty decent money. Check out these two communities to rent your clothes:

17. Camera and Video Equipment

Photography gear and video equipment are expensive. Sometimes, it makes more sense for people to rent rather than buy something they won’t use regularly. If you have high-quality cameras, lenses, a GoPro, lighting, or audio equipment, you can make extra money renting your gear out.

These sites will connect you with people looking to rent photo and video equipment:

Service fees for these sites run in the 15 to 17 percent range. Both screen renters and provide coverage against damage or theft for your gear.

18. Musical Instruments

If you own a musical instrument, you can create a listing for it on Fretish. You can approve or decline rental requests and charge an additional fee to deliver or have the renter pick up the instrument themselves. Fretish requires either a security deposit or verified insurance from each renter.

19. Household Items and Other Stuff

There are several websites that allow you to rent out just about anything. You can rent out things like tools, machinery, sporting goods, appliances, furniture, electronics, and more.

General rental sites function a lot like eBay. You create a listing, take photos of your items, then set your price. The sites notify you when there’s interest and handle all the billing for you.

The issue with these rent-anything types of sites is they don’t seem to have a lot of users. Success on these sites is likely to be modest. It really depends on the popularity of your items and the user base in your area.

You’ll want to do some research on the sites first to see if there are a lot of users near you. If there are, see what comparable items rent for. You can list on more than one site to increase your reach.

Here are some sites to check out:

20. Friendship

Yes, it sounds a little weird, but others will happily pay you to spend time with them. If you’re comfortable with the idea, you can rent out your friendship. The arrangement is strictly platonic.

Often people on the site are looking for someone to go to a movie with or a plus one to attend an event. Some seek a workout buddy or an activity partner to see a concert or go hiking. Virtual friend services where you spend time with someone online via video chat or through talk or text are also offered.

Rent out your companionship here:

The site looks like they designed it in 1999, but it’s legit. They claim people who do it full-time are making $2000 a week, while part-timers can make $300 to $500 in one weekend.

21. Money

By lending money to others and collecting interest, you’re basically renting out your money. The business of lending money to individuals was limited to banks and loan sharks, but that’s no longer the case.

Online p2p lending platforms facilitate loans between individuals. There is some risk involved, but if lending money fits your level of risk tolerance, it is possible to generate extra income with peer-to-peer lending opportunities.

Two well-known peer-to-peer lending platforms are:

Both platforms grade potential borrowers and charge investors a 1% loan servicing fee.

Make Money Renting Out Your Stuff

If you’re on the lookout for side hustles with low startup costs, renting out your stuff for extra money might work out perfectly for you. There are plenty of things you can rent out for profit, as this list proves. It also takes very little time or effort, plus you help others by filling their needs.

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