[ACCIDENT] Three-Car Crash Sends a C6 Grand Sport into a Memphis Restaurant


[ACCIDENT] Three-Car Crash Sends a C6 Grand Sport into a Memphis Restaurant

A three-vehicle crash Sunday afternoon ended with the rear end of a C6 Corvette Grand Sport stuck in the front entrance of a Memphis landmark restaurant.

The driver of the red Corvette had to be carried to the hospital, where she was treated for non-critical injuries.

Fortunately, no one else was injured inside Bob’s Barksdale Restaurant, despite the fact that one couple visiting the eatery for the first time was sitting in a window booth that backs up to the front door when the accident occurred at 1:45 p.m., fortunately past the lunch hour rush.

“It wasn’t exactly what they were expecting to have on a Sunday afternoon,” restaurant owner Beth Henry said of her new customers.

Henry had just returned from running some errands and was pulling into the rear parking lot when she heard the crash.

Susan Smith and her daughter, Anna Lane, were riding in one of the vehicles involved in the crash. Lane reports she saw a “quick flash of bright red” just before her mom slammed on the brakes of her Range Rover and the airbags deployed. They are both sore but otherwise uninjured.

Likewise, the damage to the building could have been worse, too.

“It doesn’t look quite as bad once the car’s not in there anymore,” Henry said after a wrecker had pulled the Corvette out of the opening, sending glass and pink insulation flying into the air and crashing onto the ground.

She said the restaurant will be closed while the damage is repaired, but the main thing is that no one was injured seriously.

“The building can be fixed, and we’re just happy the lady will be OK,” Henry said.

The restaurant – located about a mile from the Memphis Zoo – describes itself on the internet as an “old-school diner serving pancake breakfasts & Southern plate lunches in a paneled, photo-rich space.”



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