Monday, September 26, 2022

[ACCIDENT] Watch as a Distracted Driver Rolls Right Over a C4 Corvette

[ACCIDENT] Watch as a Distracted Driver Rolls Right Over a C4 Corvette


We don’t know what more to say about this weird accident posted by a Reddit user.

The video starts out innocently enough as we watch an ordinary Ford SUV rolling down a Glendale, California street.

In the lower right part of the video, we then see a teal green C4 Corvette coupe come to a stop on a side street as the Ford approaches the intersection at the same time.

That’s when things get interesting. Apparently, the SUV driver was talking on her cell phone, maybe about what she was going to wear to Pilates class, and didn’t see the Corvette. She doesn’t even try to swerve to miss hitting the Corvette!

[ACCIDENT] Watch as a Distracted Driver Rolls Right Over a C4 Corvette

It’s hard to find something truly unique on the internet, but I think this might be the exception. I’ve watched this video five times already and I’m still not bored watching the big SUV roll up the driver’s side of the hood, over the door, and down the rear fender before coming to a stop behind the Corvette. It’s amazing that the SUV didn’t flip over in the process, but perhaps that was because the Corvette is so low that it just acted like a ramp.

We couldn’t find out any more details about the accident, but we’re just hoping the Corvette driver was able to slide toward the console and down in his seat to avoid being crushed. It’s scary to think about what could have happened if the roof panel had been removed.

As for the SUV driver, our advice is to put that phone down and pay better attention to the road!


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