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ACS Composite’s New 7VM Splitter Is Their Most Aggressive Yet for the C8 Corvette

ACS Composite's New 7VM Splitter Is Their Most Aggressive Yet for the C8 Corvette

It seems like every time we turn around, ACS Composite has a new part or accessory to show off and this next one coming from the purveyors of high-quality automotive aerodynamics is really cool in our book!

ACS Composite is calling it the 7VM Front Splitter and it will be the company’s third splitter offered for the C8 Corvette Stingray. Corvette owners can customize the front look of their Corvettes in three different ways to achieve that perfect look. We’re also going to highlight the 1VM and 5VM Front Splitters below as a comparison, but first, check out the new 7VM Front Splitter design from ACS Composite.

We really like how the design team was able to incorporate the C8’s signature side-intake element into the design of 7VM’s side winglets, and that was intentional says ACS Composite’s Joseph Taverna. “The notch inside the winglet is similar to the side inlets on the C8, and that seemed like a cool way to bring the car together from a design perspective,” says Joseph and he also notes that the notch also resembles an inverted “7” and that’s how the name of the 7VM front splitter came to be.

ACS Composite's 7VM Front Splitter for the C8 Corvette

The 7VM front splitter winglets are taller when compared to those on the 5VM but the rest of the splitter is consistent in width and ground clearance as the other C8 splitters offered by ACS Composite. From a design perspective, the notched winglet gives the appearance of speed, and it’s completely unique compared to some of the other designs we’ve seen out there. As the C8 Stingray was designed to function at its very best with optimum efficiency provided by the 5VM splitter, the 7VM splitter adds even more downforce with its larger winglet design.

The ACS 7VM ground effects are top-coated in an original Carbon Flash Metallic Black (CFZ) paint finish. Carbon Flash Black can be identified by the signature silver metallic flake in the paint and it will match all C8 Corvette accent pieces on the Corvette including the front grill, rear diffuser, and more.

ACS Composite's 7VM Front Splitter for the C8 Corvette

ACS Composite is offering the 7VM Front Splitter for $879 and shipping is free. The 7VM splitter can be installed on any 2020+ C8 Corvette Stingray. ACS also hints that a matching set of 7VM Side Rockers will soon be available so stay tuned for that product announcement.

The 7VM Front Splitter is a one-piece aero accessory that utilizes all the same mounting locations as the standard OEM splitter and the Torx-15 screws are already on the car. So no drilling is required! You can check out the product introduction and installation video that shows how easy the 7VM front splitter is to install, and how great it looks once it is on the car.

The 5VM-Style Front Splitter

If you feel the 7VM may be too aggressive or you just want your Corvette to have the same great OEM look as designed by GM is certainly understandable. ACS Composite’s C8 5VM-style front splitter is a favorite of Corvette owners. You get the same great looks and performance as the OEM-style 5VM front splitter which matches the sharp lines of the C8’s nose while also directing air from the winglets to the front brakes for cooling. The 5VM splitters are a one-piece design and it offers a seamless look from corner to corner.

ACS Composite's 5VM Front Splitter

What makes ACS Composite’s front splitters different is that they are made from their proprietary PC Composite material which is molded via plastic injection. Automotive parts made from PC Composite are very durable and their resistance to heat is also great as well. But one of its strongest characteristics is its ability to resist scraping and chipping. Unlike GM’s carbon fiber splitters that have a white substrate material, PC Composite is colored black so any chips or scrapes are barely noticeable.

The 5VM Front Splitter is offered the 2020+ C8 Corvette Stingray for $739 and shipping is free! Click here for the 5VM Front Splitter’s installation video.

C8 Corvette 1VM Front Splitter

Finally, for those of you wanting a sleek or stealthy appearance for your C8 Corvette, there is the 1VM Front Splitter that was also developed in-house by the design team at ACS Composite.

ACS Composite's 5VM Front Splitter

The 1VM looks nearly identical to the 5VM splitter except it has no winglets, just a small riser on each side as it tucks around the corner of the C8 Stingray. ACS Composite says the 1VM was designed to slot between the Stingray’s Z51 splitter and the 5VM version with its winglets. The 1VM gives you the same width and ground clearance as the other ACS C8 splitters and it’s a one-piece design as well.

ACS Composite offers the 1VM C8 Front Splitter for $499 and shipping is free. Click here for the installation video.


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