Sunday, September 25, 2022

Adrien Broner Cancels Upcoming Fight Citing Battle With Mental Health

Adrien Broner has canceled his scheduled return to the ring after citing struggles with his mental health leading up to the fight.

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Adrien Broner has spent almost 18 months away from a boxing ring and has been involved in more drama than boxing-related news. Aside from his several DUIs, Broner’s most notable drama happened when he was arrested for contempt after revealing he only has $13 to his name. After steering clear from the drama for a while now, Adrien Broner was scheduled to make a return to the ring this weekend.

Adrien Broner Cancels August 20th Fight Citing Battle With Mental Health

According to TMZ, Adrien Broner is now backing out of his scheduled fight citing mental health issues just days before the fight was scheduled to take place. Broner was scheduled to box Omar Figueroa Jr. on August 20 at the Hard Rock in Hollywood, FL. This morning AB took to Instagram to let the world know about his decision to cancel due to his mental health.

“Man, I’m going thru a lot at this moment in my life but I ain’t go give up I set some more goals and UI ain’t stopping until I finish what I started but sorry to say this but I’m not fighting #August20th,” Broner wrote.

His opponent isn’t buying the excuse and wants more answers about Broner and his mental health. You can read his official statement below.

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