American Hydrocarbon Is Setting Up Shop on the Manufacturers Midway at Corvettes at Carlisle


American Hydrocarbon Is Setting Up Shop on the Manufacturers Midway at Corvettes at Carlisle

One of the best things about attending a major Corvette show like Corvettes at Carlisle is that you really get a great opportunity to check out all the different vendors in one location. At the show, you can see and feel the parts firsthand while in many cases talking to the business owner personally selling his products. If you’re planning on a trip to Corvettes at Carlisle later this month, make sure you hit the Manufacturers Midway and say hello to our friend Pat Scorzetti of American Hydrocarbon who will be there displaying their latest GM officially licensed products.

Corvettes at Carlisle is the perfect venue for American Hydrocarbon to show off their custom C8 Corvette upgrades, as it’s a target-rich environment for enthusiasts who want to customize their cars. Pat tells me this will be his first appearance at the world’s largest gathering of Corvettes. This is likely also the largest gathering of Corvettes equipped with American Hydrocarbon’s custom engine appearance parts!

American Hydrocarbon offers a growing lineup of GM officially licensed products for the C8 Corvette, including their very popular LT2 Engine Appearance kits, Corvette-branded Engine Fluid Cap Covers, and customized aero accessories.

The Engine Appearance Kits consists of a custom-painted OEM LT2 engine cover with customized rail covers licensed by GM. The kits offer a complete makeover of the LT2 engine bay which can further be customized with various GM logos and accent stripes, and they can be finished in any of the C8’s body colors. Take the customization even further with American Hydrocarbon’s C8 Engine Fluid Caps which provide an upscale look that complements your engine customizations. The fluid caps can be further enhanced with painted logos covered with multiple clear coats and buffed to a show-quality shine. The same goes for American Hydrocarbon’s 1VM Aeromax Front Splitter and 1VM Speedline rockers which are ordered in Hydrocarbon (Carbon Fiber), Carbon Flash, or painted to match your Corvette. You’ll be able to see many different combinations of colors, designs, and more on display and available to purchase at Carlisle.

Special C8 Corvette Stingray

Visitors to American Hydrocarbon’s booth at Carlisle will have the opportunity to see several Corvettes customized with their products. There will also be a special C8 Stingray in Elkhart Lake Blue on display as well. This C8 Corvette Stingray Coupe is equipped with American Hydrocarbon’s customized 1VM Aeromax/Speedline aero kit painted to match the car, while the impressive engine bay features a matching two-tone blue engine appearance package. This fantastic car is a rolling display of how you can turn an ordinary Corvette Stingray into a show-winning tribute car with extraordinary possibilities.

Stop By American Hydrocarbon at Corvettes at Carlisle to see the newest GM officially licensed products for sale with special show prices in effect! Show pricing is also available for custom orders placed at the show so tell Pat your idea and then prepare to be amazed at the quality and craftsmanship when your custom C8 Corvette parts arrive. American Hydrocarbon customers can also show appreciation by picking up some American Hydrocarbon swag, including t-shirts, hats, and coffee mugs. Come out and visit with Pat at this year’s Corvettes at Carlisle and see how American Hydrocarbon can take your C8 Corvette to the next level of customization.


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