Anti-monarchy demonstrator arrested at King Charles III’s declaration in Scotland


A woman holding a profane anti-monarchy placard was arrested during the formal declaration of King Charles III’s accession to the throne on Sunday.

The woman, 22, held a sign that read “F—k imperialism. Abolish the monarchy.” She was arrested “in connection with a breach of peace,” said a Scotland police spokesperson.

It is unclear if the woman was charged with a crime.

People in the crowd reportedly applauded when the woman was taken away, although one man was heard shouting “Let her go! It’s free speech!”

The Edinburgh Evening News reported that some people could be heard booing during the event.   

The heckling became pronounced when Lord Lyon King of Arms, who leads royal ceremonies in Scotland, said: “God Save the King” during Sunday’s ceremony at Mercat Cross, near St Giles’ Cathedral.


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