Arlington NAACP vice president ambushed, killed on vacation in Turks and Caicos


An Arlington real estate agent and leader of the local NAACP chapter was killed when a van he was traveling in while on vacation in Turks and Caicos was shot up in an ambush Sunday.

Kent Carter and his girlfriend and two staffers were traveling back from an excursion to their accommodations when gunmen opened fire on their vehicle.

Mr. Carter, a veteran, used his body to shield his girlfriend, according to a Fox 5 News report.

“I believe the original attack was targeted and carried out by armed gang members who act without conscience …  This violence is linked to drug supply and is fueled by revenge, turf wars and retribution,” Turks and Caicos Commissioner of Police Trevor Botting said.

Julius Spain, president of the NAACP Arlington Branch, told Fox 5 News that “Mr. Carter was not only a friend but a true champion of civil rights and social justice.”

Mr. Carter was also active in Prince Hall Freemasonry, serving as the master of Universal Lodge #1, the oldest African-American Masonic lodge in Virginia, from 2017-18.

Fellow Mason and friend James Morgan III wrote on Facebook that “I had the pleasure of seeing this Brother be elected to lead Universal Lodge #1 … He did nothing to deserve this and I pray healing for his family and that these criminals be brought to justice.”


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