At least 15 people dead from dangerous winter storm conditions


At least 15 people are dead over winter storms that spiraled across the country just before Christmas Day.

By Saturday morning, seven states had storm-related deaths and over 1.6 million homes and businesses in the United States lost power, according to CNN.

In Kansas, three people died due to weather-related traffic crashes, while one person in Missouri died after a caravan slid off a road into a frozen creek.

Three people in Kentucky died, including one involving a car crash, state officials said. One person in Wisconsin also died from a weather-related crash.

In New York, two people died on Friday in separate incidents that involved emergency medical personnel delays to aid people needing immediate assistance.

Ohio suffered four deaths due to traffic crashes, and Tennessee also had one fatality linked to the storm.

Forecasters have warned commuters to stay off roads, as snow storms and icy weather impact the Midwest and Northeast.

Bad weather has also heavily impacted airline travel, with nearly 6,000 flights canceled due to storms on Friday.

By 10:30 a.m. ET on Saturday, more than 100 million people from Montana to the East Coast, including parts of Florida, were under wind chill advisories or warnings.


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