Sunday, October 2, 2022

Auctions are LIVE at!

Auctions are LIVE at

Submissions exceeded 50 in first two weeks!

With more than 50 submissions in the first two weeks, 427Stingray is working feverishly to schedule the upcoming auctions. Early auction highlights include a 1968 L71, C5 Lingenfelter, C6 Callaway, 2011 Grand Sport, and 1966 427.

These auctions a now live!

Live Corvette Auctions Now at 427Stingray! Corvette Auctions are offering free submissions until 12/31/22 so if you have a Corvette that needs to get out of the garage then you just found the place to list and get in front of their 3 million monthly Corvette enthusiast network.

Live Corvette Auctions Now at 427Stingray!

427Stingray is offering a $500 buyer’s premium credit to anyone that signs up as a bidder, until 9/30/22, so if you are interested in purchasing a Vette, then take advantage of this offer. Bidding is now OPEN.

Live Corvette Auctions Now at 427Stingray!

Three additional noteworthy Corvettes that start on September 1 are the 2005 (Powerhouse)-Lingenfelter C6, the 1975 C3 with only 787 miles and once owned by Mr. October Reggie Jackson, and who could resist the 2022 C8 Mid-Engine Torch Red with Red Adrenaline Leather interior.

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Bidding has now opened at the first and only all Corvette online auction site The daily Corvette auctions will feature the hard-to-find, the unique, the rare, the drivers, and the trailer queens.

Registration is free! Find out how to sell your Corvette on! Corvette Auctions



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