Baltimore woman shoots husband over child sex abuse allegations


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We won’t advocate for violence but we can certainly understand the sentiment. If you found out that your significant other was abusing children who were under your care and supervision, what would you do? How disgusted, outraged, and angry would you be at that person? A new report coming from the DMV area lays out one option…

Daycare Owner Wife Shoots Husband After Children Claim He Molested Them

According to a report on WUSA9, a Baltimore woman who owns Lil Kidz Kastle daycare center in Ownings Mills, Maryland, 50-year-old Shanteari Weems, shot her husband over accusations of sexual abuse and pedophilia were surfaced. Weems told police that “numerous” children had come forward to tell her that James Weems, a retired police officer, had been molesting them.

Police were called to the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Washington, D.C. in response to a report of a man being shot. Shanteari Weems spoke to officers from behind the locked hotel door and threatened to kill herself if they entered the room. When police tried to convince her to allow them access she yelled, “F*** him! He’s a child molester!”. The woman subsequently told police that she didn’t want to kill herself or her husband but that she wanted to hurt him.

James Weems told officers that he was shot in the leg and needed help. A short time later, authorities were able to enter the room to aid Mr. Weems and arrest Mrs. Weems. She now stands charged with assault with intent to kill and is being held without bond. She will make her first court appearance at some point today. Social media has latched on to this story and there is currently a campaign to free her as many see this shooting as a righteous self-defense incident.

What say you? Do you feel like this shooting was justified in light of the allegations against James Weems?


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