Best Retail-focused POS Systems in 2022


If you’re running a brick-and-mortar business, you may want to invest in one of these point-of-sale systems.

Running a retail business is rarely an easy task, if ever. As a business owner or a store manager, you’ll face countless challenges, and turning your business into a successful one usually requires time, effort and commitment. However, a number of these challenges can be eliminated by investing in the right tools and systems. You just need to lay the foundations right.

In today’s world, the consumer wants to be able to pay for your product in a quick and easy manner, and your goal as a retail owner is to make sure this happens without any hiccups; hence picking the right POS system for your business is essential. This may sound like an easy task, but different brands offer different advantages and disadvantages, and depending on what stage your business is in, one may suit you better than the other. 

In this article, we’ll cover The best POS systems for small to medium retail businesses, large retail businesses, and other types of stores that lay in between them. We’ll also briefly explain what a POS system is and why your store needs one. You may already have one, but perhaps another system will suit your business better. 

What is a POS System and why your retail store needs one?

POS is actually an acronym for point of sale (also known as point of purchase). Point of sale refers to the time and place where a transaction is completed. A modern POS system lets you accept customer payments at a specific location or on the go and can help you track your sales in an efficient way.

Some POS systems are designed with small to medium businesses in mind, some offer industry-specific features, and some cover all grounds and are flexible. Most of these POS systems are easy to set up and use. However, some may require an expert’s touch for initial use, especially if the hardware is expensive.

A POS system is a must-have for almost all retail stores. Customer retention is a critical element in creating a successful business, and as a retail store runner, you need to ensure that customers can make transactions as easy as possible.

Each customer’s shopping journey is unique and each store operates differently. It’s time to sit down and figure out what you should consider when looking to get a POS system or upgrade your existing one. Find out what your business needs, identify your retail store’s shortcomings, see if you need new hardware or software, and set a budget that won’t give you a headache. 

Once you iron out all of these details, you can start looking for your next POS provider.

Table of Contents

  • Square POS
  • Clover POS
  • Revel POS
  • Hike POS
  • Lightspeed POS
  • eHopper POS
  • Vend POS
  • TouchBistro POS


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