Biden confuses Cambodia for Colombia for second time during ASEAN summit

President Biden confused Cambodia for Colombia for the second time, while meeting with Southeast Asian leaders this weekend in Phnom Penh.

Mr. Biden thanked Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on Saturday, but referred to him as the leader of South American country Colombia.

“I want to thank the prime minister for Colombia’s leadership as ASEAN chair,” Mr. Biden said.

Prior to his trip to Egypt for the COP27 climate conference, Mr. Biden referred to Cambodia as Colombia again, though he quickly corrected himself the first time.

“I’m heading down to — first of all, going to Cairo for the environmental effort, then heading over to Colombia and then — I mean Cambodia,” he told reporters before he departed.

Mr. Biden is spending the weekend meeting with Southeast Asian leaders to work on coordinating an international effort towards climate change, global inflation, the war in Ukraine and other issues.

The president will next depart for Indonesia for the G-20 summit next week.

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