Biden feels good but he is still positive for the virus: Doctor


President Biden “feels very well” but he still tested positive for the coronavirus on Thursday and will continue his isolation in the White House residence, his doctor said.

Dr. Kevin O’Connor said Mr. Biden‘s blood pressure, breathing rate and oxygen levels remain normal and his lungs are clear.

“The president feels very well today. He is still experiencing a very occasional cough, but the cough is improving,” the doctor wrote in a daily memo.

Mr. Biden tested negative four times last week after completing his course of Pfizer’s Paxlovid drug, only to test positive on antigen tests repeatedly since Saturday.

Dr. O’Connor said the “rebound positivity” wasn’t too alarming since other Paxlovid recipients have experienced the same thing.

Mr. Biden is working from the executive residence in case he is contagious and capable of spreading the virus to the Secret Service agents, staff and aides who work at the White House.

He is scheduled to hold a virtual roundtable discussion on the Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act, which is pending in Congress.

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