Biden gives VP another verbal promotion as ‘President Harris’


President Biden called Vice President Kamala Harris a “great president” while wishing her a happy birthday on Monday.

“Happy Birthday to a great president, we know your mom is always with you,” Mr. Biden said at a White House event celebrating Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, in acknowledging Ms. Harris’ birthday last week.

Mr. Biden also joked that Ms. Harris is turning 30. She is 58.

The Republican National Committee reposted a clip of Mr. Biden calling his top deputy the president as it turns his verbal fumbles and stage wanderings into daily online content. 

On Monday, the RNC also circulated a clip of Mr. Biden joking with Secret Service agents after he went the wrong way after a South Lawn tree-planting event.

Mr. Biden has called Ms. Harris the president twice before, including in a speech on voting rights in January and a December speech in South Carolina.

Her accidental promotions have led some to wonder if they are Freudian slips.

Ms. Harris is considered a leading contender for the White House in 2024 if Mr. Biden decides not to run, and the White House frequently refers to the “Biden-Harris” administration when talking about its efforts.


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