Biden hails Sinema agreement on Democrats’ climate, spending bill; urges quick vote


President Biden late Thursday celebrated Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s deal with Senate Democrats that could clear the way for the upper chamber to advance the president’s long-stalled climate and spending bill.

“Tonight, we’ve taken another critical step toward reducing inflation and the cost of living for American families,” Mr. Biden said in a statement, touting the legislation as a way to reduce the deficit, create jobs, lower prescription drug costs and combat climate change.

“I look forward to the Senate taking up this legislation and passing it as soon as possible,” he continued.

Mr. Biden’s statement, however, did not acknowledge or mention Ms. Sinema, or even describe what was the “critical step” that had happened Thursday evening.

The statement came after Ms. Sinema, Arizona Democrat, announced that she would be ready to “move forward” on a revised version of the Inflation Reduction Act after Democrat leaders agreed to scale down some of their tax proposals.

Ms. Sinema said she and Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat, struck a deal on protecting manufacturing from the proposed 15% minimum corporate tax, which is among the legislation’s provisions.

She did caution that her approval depends on the Senate parliamentarian ruling the bill in bounds for using the reconciliation process, a budget-bill rule that protects specified bills from the filibuster.

A vote on the package could come as early as this weekend.


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