Biden, Trump rematch in 2024 opposed by an overwhelming majority of Americans: Poll


An overwhelming majority of Americans want new political leadership in 2024, according to a new poll.

A Harvard University-Harris Poll indicates that 71% of Americans do not want President Biden to run for reelection in two years’ time. Meanwhile, only 29% said the incumbent should run again.

“President Biden may want to run again, but the voters say ‘no’ to the idea of a second term, panning the job he is doing as president,” said Mark Penn, who conducted the survey. “Only 30 percent of Democrats would even vote for him in a Democratic presidential primary.”

Among those surveyed, 45% said Mr. Biden should forgo reelection because he was a bad president, while a third said the 79-year-old incumbent was too old.

The poll comes as Mr. Biden’s approval rating has sunk below 40% as inflation and rising gas prices continue to bedevil hardworking Americans.

Mr. Biden’s lackluster support from the public does not automatically translate to a win for Republicans in 2024, however.

The Harvard-Harris survey found that while an overwhelming majority of Americans did not want Mr. Biden to seek reelection, many said the same when it came to former President Donald Trump.

More than 60% of voters said Mr. Trump should not run again in 2024, compared to only 39% that did. Among those surveyed, 36% said Mr. Trump should forgo another shot at the White House because he was erratic, while 33% said it would only serve to divide the country. 

A further 30% cited the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol as their reason for opposing Mr. Trump’s comeback bid.

The poll was conducted between June 28 and 29 by surveying 1,308 registered voters across the country.


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