Bishop Lamar Whitehead Reenacts Armed Robbery At His Church


Bishop Lamor Whitehead is, if nothing else, an interesting guy.


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He became a viral sensation last week after cameras caught him getting robbed at gunpoint while he was on stage delivering a sermon at the Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries church in Brooklyn, New York, and lost about $1 million in jewelry. And while it’s true that walking around looking like a “Gucci for Jesus” advertisement might put a target on one’s back—even if they are a servant of the Lord—Whitehead has defended his flashiness saying, “I’d rather have Jesus than silver and gold—but why not both?” (He didn’t actually say that, but that’s the gist.”

A Great Gatsby Affair

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Anyway, Whitehead must be enjoying the attention, because he spent last Sunday’s service reenacting the robbery on stage.

From the New York Post:

“I need you to get back in position when them three men came in here with them guns out. I gotta get back into position,” flamboyant Bishop Lamor Miller-Whitehead said, addressing his congregation, including those watching him on Zoom, as he made a “voosh” sound and stepped behind his podium.

“As I began to preach, I saw the door open,” Miller-Whitehead, 44, recalled of last week’s million-dollar-plus jewelry heist. “And I looked, and I said, ‘OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, OK.”

The bishop — who denied Friday that the sensational crime was part of any purported insurance scam — added, “As I got down on the floor, I told my church, ‘Y’all get out.’ “

It’s unclear why Whitehead felt the need to go full show and tell in front of his congregation, especially since he’s put out multiple videos describing his experience, and—oh yeah—we all literally saw it via live stream. 

Maybe, Whitehead is attempting to distract from the fact that his alleged past life as a scammer has surfaced—including identity theft and grand larceny crimes he did time for—and the fact that he’s been accused of bilking an elderly parishioner out of $90,000.

Whatever is going on with Whitehead, being a member of his congregation has got to be getting to be awkward at least. Imagine going to church and instead of preaching the word, your problematic preacher is up there reenacting scenes from The Wire while looking like he’s late for a Cash Money Records album cover shoot.

I’m just saying, I might be looking for a new spot to worship.



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