Bishop Lamor Whitehead Grabs Woman, Takes Her Off Stage


Bishop Lamor Whitehead is back in the news over some crazy s**t that happened on camera while he was delivering a sermon—again. (This man might as well go ahead and name his Sunday service Jerry Springer for Jesus at this point.)


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The Gucci for God pastor of the Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries church who was robbed of $400K in jewelry at gunpoint while he was giving a live-streamed sermon in July is now seen in a new video grabbing a woman who was interrupting his sermon and aggressively escorting her off the stage.

First, let’s start with what led to the Louis Vuitton for the Lawd bishop having his little Shuge Knight moment on stage. Ahead of the snatch-up, Whitehead mocked ongoing scammer and liar allegations to his congregation.

“All we hear is Bishop Whitehead is a liar, all we hear is Apostle Chief, Apostle Bishop Whitehead is a scammer,” said the holy roller. “All we hear is that Leaders of Tomorrow is going to fall.”

He then went on to suggest that people were recording him.

“Let ’em record, let ’em record!” he told the congregation as a woman was heard yelling at him. “You want to come preach?’ the bishop asks her. ‘You want to come preach, come up here. I’m gonna make you famous, yes Lord!” he adds before starting to speak in “tongues” and encourages his flock to “give Jesus a round of applause, y’all.”


When a woman in a brown and pink floral top enters from the left side of the screen, the Bishop then mushes her and pushers her away.

“Grab her out!” shouted the Bishop. “Press whatever charges you want, you’re not going to come in my space. I feel threatened.”

First, it just needs to be pointed out that Whitehead doesn’t just preach the word in Jesus’ name. He also seems to enjoy climbing up on the cross himself. Like—come on, bro—people aren’t calling you a scammer because you’re some kind of powerful messiah who needs to be taken down. They’re calling you a scammer because of your history of scamming and probably because you’re a flashy flexing-a** pastor who might as well rename yourself, T. Diddy Jakes. 

Anyway, after the new video went viral, the Luxury over Lucifer preacher published several videos explaining what happened.


He suggested the woman he grabbed was threatening his family and that her disruption of his sermon was all about retaliation for the lawsuits he filed against two YouTubers who called him a scammer.


“I know that everyone’s building a narrative, but it is what it is,’ he said in the video. “We had some visitor in the church, and they were sent by two nobodies—two bloggers who are nobodies. And they were sent into my church to disrupt my church.”



As for the part about the woman “pressing whatever charges you want,” it turns out the woman seen in the video was the only one to be charged with anything at all.

According to the NY Daily News, 47-year-old Tarsha Howard is charged with trespassing and disrupting a religious service after her on-screen confrontation with the Dior against Damnation pastor.

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Side note: I also didn’t know one could trespass at a church during Sunday service, but whatever.

Whitehead said he was also arrested but not charged.

“They lock me up in front of my children, in front of my wife, in front of my church,” Whitehead said. “They publicly embarrassed me and then they drop all the charges after two hours and apologize to me.”

“She came in the middle aisle and just [started] cussing me out, calling me all types of names, calling me all types of things,” he said of Howard. “She came back storming toward my wife and my 10-month-old baby. She went toward my wife and that’s when I grabbed her. I grabbed her and took her out of my church. All I could remember was the guys with the guns who put their gun in my baby’s face.”

Seems to be a lot of drama in the Book of Rolls-Royce Revelation preacher’s life. Maybe there’s some kind of unholy reality TV show in the works.

God, I hope not. (See what I did there?)



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