Boosie Spotted Confronting Man Harassing Hotel Worker In Savannah


Boosie was spotted in Savannah, Georgia defending a female hotel worker who was being harassed by a customer.

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Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Usually, when Lil Boosie goes viral, it’s because of people reacting to his insane views or homophobic posts on social media. Boosie has always stood on how he feels and sees the world, regardless of whether anyone else thinks it’s right or wrong. Now, Boosie is going viral for protecting a hotel worker, according to TMZ.

Boosie seen defending hotel working in Savannah, Georgia

Reportedly, Boosie was in Savannah, Georgia checking into his hotel when he noticed a man in a confrontation with a woman working at the hotel. The woman apparently bumped into the man, upsetting him, even though she apologized.

Boosie said on Twitter the man walked her into a corner yelling that she should apologize to his wife as well. When Boosie spotted this, he stepped in to defend the woman. Somehow, Boosie speaking up changed everyone’s attitude instantly.

In the video, the man can be seen switching from an aggressive attitude and stance to wanting to figure out the situation expeditiously. Perhaps the best part of the video is someone in Boosie’s entourage standing behind the man stretching his shoulder in case things pop off. You can watch the video below.


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