Brazilian Baddie Marina Gregory Is A Different Kind Of THIQUE


Heyyy Marina!

Brazilian baddie Marina Gregory is a different kind of THIQUE that separates her from most baddies as the emerging star known for winning Netflix‘s ‘The Circle: Brazil’ in 2020.

The flight attendant from Rio de Janeiro captivated audiences with her lovable personality that propelled her to victory and the grand prize of $300,000 Brazilian reais which equals about $60,000 American dollars.

Soon after her appearance on the show, she joined 13 other reality stars on MTV’s ‘All Star Shore’ featuring James Tindale, Joey Essex, Karime Pindter, Trina Njoroge, Johnny Middlebrooks, Ricardo Salusse, Bethan Kershaw, and more from ‘Jersey Shore,’ ‘The Circle,’ ‘Love Is Blind,’ ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ ‘Love Island,’ ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ and ‘Geordie Shore.’

Narrated by Pauly D, the first-of-its-kind party competition series (streaming on Paramount+) boasts a variety of epic party-style challenges like “Party Pong” and “Shots and Found.”

“Back in the day, we did party a lot,” said Angelina Pivarnick (Jersey Shore) in an interview with TV Insider. “But on this show, we were kind of limited on the alcohol intake, which I was kind of annoyed about.”

“Due to certain individuals that were consuming too much, let’s say,” added Njoroge (‘Love Island’), as Miss Vanjie (‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ Season 10) jumps in, “People were passing out! We had the ambulance coming.”

Contestants come together for an epic vacation at “the ultimate shore house” in the Canary Islands where they take on physical challenges and face elimination in the battle for a cash prize of $150K.

When Marina isn’t stealing the show on TV, she’s chasing her dreams of being a singer who we would absolutely support 100%.

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