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C8RallyDriver Officially GM Licensed C8 Corvette Trunk Covers Offers Multiple Customization Options

C8RallyDriver Officially GM Licensed C8 Corvette Trunk Covers Offers Multiple Customization Options

Last month, we introduced you to a company called C8RallyDriver that makes these really cool trunk covers for the C8 Corvette. These innovative covers install in minutes and will protect your rear trunk and contents when detailing your C8 Corvette’s engine bay or use it to hide your items and personal effects while at a show or event. As we heard that the Original C8 Corvette Trunk Covers are now GM officially licensed products, we wanted to share some of the new logos that can be ordered.

CorvetteBlogger readers can save $40 on each of the three C8RallyDriver products highlighted in this article with a total savings of $120 available when you use the promo code $40CorvetteBlogger during checkout!

If you have a C8 Corvette Stingray Coupe, you know just how dirty the engine bay can become if not regularly cleaned. The engine hatch cooling vents allow the rain or water from washing into the engine bay. That’s okay, as GM designed the engine bay for water to drain out the bottom, but you are still left with dust, dirt, and grime from driving the Corvette in inclement weather. The C8 Corvette Owner’s Manual actually promotes the ability to clean the engine bay with a pressure washer, but if you were to do so, you risk getting the fabric-lined trunk wet or stained due to overspray, carwash products, and road grime.

Corvette C8 Logo

The C8 Corvette Trunk Covers come in a zippered tote with all the hardware needed to install. All you need to do is remove the T15 screws installed around the trunk and replace them with the included hardware. These new “snap screws” contain a button on the head, and once all are installed, you simply snap your Trunk Cover into place. The Original Trunk Cover utilizes the trunk’s rubber weatherstripping to help seal off and keep water from entering the trunk when detailing your engine bay.

This video from C8RallyDriver demonstrates the detailing of a C8 Corvette Stingray, and with the C8 Corvette Trunk Cover in place, a foam cannon can be used to completely saturate the engine bay with car wash soap:

While the C8 Corvette Trunk Covers were originally designed as a detailing tool, these covers are also a great solution for displaying at car shows. Now you can show off your LT2 engine bay while hiding any cleaning supplies or personal effects in the trunk.

There are many different color and logo options available, and customers can choose from cover designs ranging from a solid color, those with official GM logos, or you can have your own custom logo added for business or branding opportunities. Here are just some of the possibilities available:

C8 gesture inside the Stingray logo

Corvette C8.R Logo

Corvette C8 Logo

Corvette C8 Logo with Torch Red Trunk Cover

Corvette C8 Logo with Torch Red Trunk Cover

Corvette C8 Blue Trunk Cover and Gray Lettering

The Original C8 Corvette Trunk Covers from start at $179.99, while the custom and Corvette branded versions are priced at $269.99. Shipping is just $10. CorvetteBlogger readers can save $40 off a Corvette branded trunk cover by using the promo code $40CorvetteBlogger!

“Stealth-Mount” Carbon Fiber Rear Strut Covers

For those Corvette owners looking to add carbon fiber to their engine bay, C8RallyDriver also makes the beautiful visible carbon fiber strut tower covers designed to keep water and dirt from accumulating in the rear strut tower assemblies. The visible carbon fiber accessories are created with a 2×2 twill/weave pattern that matches the OEM carbon fiber pieces offered by General Motors.

These visible carbon fiber rear strut covers are available for Corvettes both with and without Magnetic Ride Control. However, the Mag-Ride versions require a depinning tool or installation by a qualified service technician. One of our favorite features about this aftermarket accessory is that the strut covers are “stealth-mounted,” so no visible screws or nuts are showing, just beautiful visible carbon fiber. Once installed, there is zero maintenance required. Give them a quick wipe with detailer spray, and you’re all set to go!

We are also excited to hear that C8RallyDriver will soon be offering these stealth-mounted strut tower covers painted with the factory C8 colors as well. The Visible Carbon Fiber Rear Strut Tower Covers are priced at $429/pair, and shipping is $10. CorvetteBlogger readers can save $40 off by using the promo code $40CorvetteBlogger.

Corvette C8 Boomerang-Style Rear Hatch Supports

The newest product from C8RallyDriver are these Boomerang-Style Rear Hatch Supports that fit all C8 Corvette Stingrays and Z06 Coupes. The first batch of these supports shipped earlier this month, and we are looking forward to seeing them in person at C8RallyDriver’s Carlisle display.

Corvette C8 Boomerang-Style Rear Hatch Supports

Machined from 6061 aluminum, these strut supports are a nice upgrade over the boring OEM stamped steel hatch supports. C8RallyDriver describes these as Boomerang-style, as they resemble the C8 Corvette’s side intake opening and trim surrounding it. These eye-catching accessories are direct bolt-on replacements and take only about 10 minutes to install using the factory mounting bolts.

C8RallyDrivers’ Rear Hatch Supports are manufactured in the USA and are priced at $460/pair. Customers can select from Anodized Black, Anodized Bright Red, or clear-anodized Silver. CorvetteBlogger readers can save $40 off by using the promo code $40CorvetteBlogger during checkout.

C8RallyDriver will be at Corvettes at Carlisle this week with a display set up near the grandstand/food court. Make sure you take advantage of the $40 discounts that are stackable on all three products for a total savings of $120! Use promo code $40CorvetteBlogger during checkout. All C8RallyDriver products are 100% Made in the USA. Visit their website today at

General Motors trademarks used under license to C8RallyDriver.



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