California sheriff’s office to stop daytime patrols due to staffing shortfalls

The Tehama County Sheriff’s Office in Northern California is so strapped for staff, it won’t conduct patrols in the daytime starting Nov. 20.

“Over the past several years, the Sheriff’s Office has had difficulties with recruitment and retention of employees, which has been directly linked to pay disparities. A drastic rise in attrition coupled with the inability to present enticing recruitment efforts have resulted in an unprecedented staffing shortage,” the office wrote in a release this week.

The TCSO recently moved officers from the operations division to adequately staff the county jail and court. As such, daytime patrols are taking a hit.

The Tehama County Jail is staffed at 60% capacity, while the TCSO has shed 20 employees over the past year, according to KRCR-TV, a Redding, California, ABC affiliate.

“We have spoken to the [Board of Supervisors] for several years and warned them that staffing levels are too low. … Several housing units within the jail have been shut down, the dispatch center was temporarily shut down and now dayshift patrol will be shut down,” the Tehama County Deputy Sheriff’s Association, a nonprofit representing TCSO employees, said in a Monday Facebook post.

During the daytime, the California Highway Patrol will take over the response to emergency situations.

“Obviously, response times are going to be affected. And we’ve made the decisions to limit, as much as we can, the dangers to public safety. But not having deputies on the streets, obviously, is not beneficial to the public,” TCSO Lt. Rob Bakken told KRCR-TV.

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