Callaway, Grand Sport, L-71, LT4 and a NO RESERVE 1973 Coupe at!


Callaway, Grand Sport, L-71, LT4 and a NO RESERVE @!

Exciting auctions coming this week with a 2006 C5R 6.0L V8 Auto CALLAWAY, 2011 3LT 6.2L V8 Auto Z16 GRAND SPORT, 1968 L-71 427ci V8 4 SPD NCRS WINNER, 1963 327ci V8 CONVERTIBLE and 2017 LT4 6.2L 8 Spd Padde SUPERCHARGED, plus the NO RESERVE 73 and 10 others all ending this week!

We are now into our second week of live auctions and the 427Stingray team is excited about this week’s auctions.

The first NO RESERVE auction is underway with a 1973 T-top Coupe with 350ci V8 and 4 speed manual transmission. This car is a special one, and bidding is only at $7,000. We also have the Powerhouses on the block with a Callaway – bidding at just $22,500 and then there is the Grand Sport at $15,000. As we move on to the hottest trending cars the 1963 327 Convertible with bidding at $42,000 and to top all the bids at $62,000 is the 2017 LT4.

Callaway, Grand Sport, L-71, LT4 and a NO RESERVE @! Corvette Auctions are offering free submissions until 12/31/22 so if you have a Corvette that needs to get out of the garage then you just found the place to list and get in front of their 3 million monthly Corvette enthusiast network. A few other exciting offers are a true 1966 427 Sting Ray, the real deal, the one that put muscle into muscle car, and the love it or hate it Purple and Yellow 98 Pace Car.

427Stingray is offering a $500 buyer’s premium credit to anyone that signs up as a bidder, until 9/30/22, so if you are interested in purchasing a Vette, then take advantage of this offer. Bidding OPENS August 30th, so the wait is almost over!

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