Carnival cruises to fine, ban rowdy passengers


Carnival Cruise Line will now fine rowdy passengers $500 for disruptive behavior, or possibly even throw them off the ship and ban them from future cruises, according to the company’s updated ticket contract. 

Travelers who engage in behavior that disrupts the “comfort, enjoyment, safety or well-being of other guests” or crew will be detained, removed from the ship and banned from future Carnival cruises, the ticket policy says.

Carnival also charges $500 fines for throwing unauthorized items overboard and for violations of its smoking policy.

The policy shift comes in light of recent brawls on the cruise line’s ships, captured on video and publicized on social media. 

A Carnival spokesperson told CBS MoneyWatch that “cruise ships, like virtually all parts of travel and tourism … are experiencing an increase in more agitated behavior by a small number of guests.”


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