Charlamagne Says Kanye West Mad Over Pete Davidson Penis


Charlamagne The God recalls a bizarre call from a heated Kanye West yelling about Pete Davidson’s 10-inch penis.

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During Kanye West’s very public feud with Pete Davidson, several people who were friends with Ye had a tough decision to make. Even tho Kid Cudi appeared on 2021’s DONDA in the time following his friendship ended with Ye over being friends with Pete Davidson or as Ye named him ‘Skeet’. Another mutual friend was Charlamagne The God who hinted Kanye West confronted him in a sassy phone call.

Charlamagne The God Recalls Kanye West Calling Him Pleading For Help To Save Kim Kardashian From Pete Davidson’s 10-inch Back Breaker

Last November Charlamagne The God issued a message to Kanye West giving him ‘Donkey Of The Day’ and then claiming he knew why he was mad. Charlemagne kept it to himself but told Ye “don’t make me tell everybody why you mad’. After bringing up the phone call Charlamagne hinted at in the now-deleted Drink Champs episode, Charlemagne is giving the full details of the conversation on his Brillant Idiots podcast.

Allegedly Kanye called Charlamagne recruiting him to “save the new Marilyn Monroe,” referring to his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Charlamagne says he told Ye “You know Pete is my friend, right?”, which reportedly sent Kanye over the edge. Kanye reportedly responded by yelling into the phone “My wife is out here f***ing a white boy with a 10-inch penis and you won’t help me? … You’re telling me that’s your friend when you’re supposed to be culture?”

Charlamagne revealed he is intentionally being petty bringing the situation up here and there and gave a good reason why.

“The reason I keep bringing up Pete’s penis on the radio is because I know it f***s with you, alright? And you said to that to me. But he gets on the interview and acts like he don’t know where that came from.”

Charlamagne concluded by calling Kanye a “master manipulator”. With the full details being revealed it’s only a matter of time before Kanye gives his response.

You can listen to Charlamagne tell the story below.


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