Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Chevrolet Fumbles Z06 Allocations, Reissues New Numbers to Dealers

Chevrolet Fumbles Z06 Allocations, Reissues New Numbers to Dealers

Photo Credit: Chevrolet.com

Well, if you spent any time online today, you probably heard that GM sent out 2023 Corvette Z06 allocations this morning to Chevy dealers. We got the number around 8am this morning that said there were 196 Z06s available nationwide, with 59 of those being aero cars (T0J/T0G).

However, it rapidly became apparent that something was off as none of the top dealers received any allocations today. That includes the big three – Ciocca, MacMulkin, and Criswell with the other two being Coughlin and Les Stanford. Meanwhile, some very small dealers did get allocations, and some stores we heard received anywhere from 6 to 10 cars.

It turns out that Chevrolet may have issued incorrect numbers based on some sort of internal data mix-up. We don’t know what that mix-up was, and that’s not really important. What we do know is that a revised set of
Z06 allocations have just been sent out, and we can confirm that volume dealers are now showing limited Z06 allocations. We don’t yet have confirmation if the overall number has changed.

How this will affect any of those customers who were able to submit an order today is still unknown.

Once again, we will update this post with the latest numbers as they become available.




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