Chevrolet Is Offering a New ‘Dark Stealth’ Crossed-Flags Emblem for the 2023 Corvettes


Chevrolet Is Offering a New 'Dark Stealth' Crossed-Flags Emblem for the 2023 Corvettes

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

One of the many great things about buying a C8 Corvette is the high level of customization that’s available.

You can truly make your Stingray reflect your own personality.

That’s especially true as we already enter the fourth year of the mid-engine eighth generation, believe it or not.

Two of the latest options being offered for the first time on the 2023 Corvette Stingray involve an increased level of what we call stealthiness.

The first is the Stealth Interior Trim Package (RPO code BAZ) that features “dark finish aluminum trim on speaker grilles, air vents, and console trim plate.” It will be available on 2LT and 3LT coupes and convertibles.

That blacked-out look can continue to the exterior of the car, too, first with the black exhaust tips (RPO code NGA) that require the performance exhaust option (RPO code NPP).

Now we’ve also found out about another subtle new option, a Dark Stealth Crossed Flags Emblem (RPO code SFZ) in place of the standard red and silver emblem on the nose of the Stingray.

Available as a dealer-installed option at a cost of just $125, the emblem is available on all trim levels but cannot be combined with the Chrome Exterior Badge Package (RPO code EYK).

Since the dealer will install the emblem, that means it can also be retro-fitted on 2020-2022 Corvettes, too.

The Dark Stealth Crossed-Flags emblem is now on the 2023 Corvette Stingray Build and Price Configurator and it can be found under the Exterior Options section on the Options tab.


Corvette Build and Price Configurator


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