Chevrolet Raises the Prices of the 2023 Corvette Stingray


Chevrolet Raises the Prices of the 2023 Corvette Stingray

It’s never fun bringing bad news to Corvette enthusiasts, but these are troubled times we are living through. With fuel costs and materials rising to new highs almost daily and inflation now pegged at 8.6%, it’s almost surprising that we went as long as we did without a substantial price increase on America’s Favorite Sportscar.

This afternoon we got the news that pricing will be increased on the 2023 Corvette Stingrays across the board effectively immediately by $2,300. The new pricing effects all trim levels of the Stingray and as well as some of the popular options which are also seeing increases.

The 1LT 2023 Corvette Coupe will now start at $64,200 which doesn’t include the $1,395 mandatory delivery fee. With that fee, the starting price out the door is now $65,595.

Here is the new pricing for the 2023 Corvette Stingrays in the very right column which includes the $1395 freight charge. The left hand column was the previous pricing before the announcement:

$63,295 – 1LT Coupe – $65,595

$70,595 – 2LT Coupe – $72,895

$75,245 – 3LT Coupe – $77,545

$70,795 – 1LT Convertible – $73,095

$77,595 – 2LT Convertible – $79,895

$82,245 – 3LT Convertible – $84,545

In addition to the trim pricing, some popular options are also seeing price increases:

AH2 – GT2 Bucket Seats – $1,695

BV4 – Personalized Interior Plaque – $295

D30 – Color Combo Override – $659

E60 – Front Lift – $2,595

EYK – Chrome Badges – $395

NGA – Black Exhaust Tips – $395

R6X – Custom Interior Trim and Seat Combination Override – $695

Some other prices going up are the Brake Calipers, Seat Belts, and colored Stitching:

Brake Calipers (Yellow, Bright Red, Edge Red) – $695

Seat Belts (Orange, BLue, Red, Yellow, Tan) – $495

Stitching: 3LT Yellow or Red – $495

According to the new pricing document, these new prices are effective June 13, 2022.

Now that the GM “Bean Counters” have weighed in with new pricing info for the 2023 Stingray, perhaps we can now finally get that Z06 pricing that everyone is waiting on.

We have reached out to Chevrolet PR for comment as well as to ask about Price Protection for those customers with existing orders in the system. Here is what they sent us:

The MSRP of the 2023 Corvette Stingray coupe and convertible has increased effective June 13. Customers with sold orders submitted prior to when the price increase became effective will not be impacted by the change. We monitor and adjust pricing on all our products regularly, and we’re confident the Corvette remains a winning formula of performance and attainability.


Our friends at the MECF also have the pricing changes and this text was highlighted on their version:

Retail sold order price protection eligibility dates are dictated by the customer and dealer order dates as follows:

-Customer order date must be prior to the date of the price increase.

-GM systems order date (date dealer enters in GM system) must be no more than one workday after date of the price increase.



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