Chicago tenant charged with murder after landlord dismembered, found in tenant’s freezer: police

A Chicago tenant facing eviction has been arrested for murdering her landlady with “large butcher’s knives” and then stuffing the victim’s dismembered remains in a freezer, according to police.

Brendan Deenihan, chief of detectives for Chicago police, said Wednesday that Sandra Kolalou, 36, was charged with first-degree murder and concealment of a homicide for killing 69-year-old landlord Frances Walker.

Chief Deenihan said that Ms. Kolalou had recently been served an eviction notice by her landlady, which was possibly what caused her to become “extremely angry” and carry out the “horrific act.”

Tenants originally told police that they heard screams coming from Ms. Walker’s room inside the two-story boarding house-style property around 2:30 a.m. on Monday. After making multiple attempts to contact the landlord throughout the day, tenants filed a missing person’s report Monday evening.  

Responding officers arrived to find Ms. Kolalou had ordered a tow truck to go retrieve her car from Foster Beach. Chief Deenihan said she was carrying a heavy bag with her and declined to speak with police before leaving the area with the tow truck driver. 

The driver later told the tenants that Ms. Kolalou put a large bag into a garbage can when arriving at her car. Some of the tenants who followed the tow truck told police that they saw bloody rags in the garbage can where the bag was deposited. Additional police were dispatched to the car’s location. 

The bloody rags established probable cause for police to search Ms. Kolalou’s room, where Chief Deenihan said they found additional blood inside her room and the “gruesome remains” in a freezer.

Court documents said that officers found Ms. Walker’s head and severed limbs in the freezer.

Ms. Kolalou is being held without bond and is not scheduled to appear in court again until Oct. 31, according to a report by local NBC affiliate WMAQ.

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