China imposes new lockdowns, reports first COVID-19 deaths in months

China is resorting to new lockdowns in its fight against COVID-19 even as western nations attempt to move on with life ahead of a potential winter surge in infections.

The southern city of Guangzhou locked down a large district, home to nearly 4 million people, on Monday because of an outbreak.

Residents must get a negative test if they want to leave home.

China also reported its first deaths from COVID-19 since May. State media reports the persons were Beijing residents between the ages of 87 and 91 and had pre-existing health conditions.

Beijing tightened its controls by forcing restaurants to restrict service to takeout and delivery and closing some shops and gyms, according to CNBC.

China is the only major country that continues to rely on rolling shutdowns to corral the virus. Other nations, including the U.S., have attempted to live alongside the virus using vaccines and treatments.

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The communist government has defended its approach, saying China has suffered a lower death toll than others nations, though it has been criticized at home and abroad for its heavy-handed tactics and there are questions about the true death toll in the nation.

Some scientists worry China’s approach is unsustainable. The Chinese-made vaccines don’t appear to be as effective in thwarting disease as messenger-RNA ones used elsewhere and the country’s forceful control of infections results in little naturally acquired immunity.

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