Christian network TBN to feature weekly news/analysis show from Jerusalem

Beginning Thursday, Trinity Broadcasting Network will air a new weekly news and analysis program from Jerusalem hosted by evangelical author Joel C. Rosenberg.

“TBN is committed to a new spirit of excellence in programming with content that entertains, encourages and inspires, while continuing to communicate the timeless message of hope and grace through Jesus,” network President Matt Crouch said in a statement.

TBN, which bills itself as the world’s most-watched Christian media outlet, has been known for airing preaching and teaching programs from various televangelists as well as a nightly talk show and the occasional music special. The network launched a nightly newscast featuring Doug McKelway this spring.

Speaking to The Washington Times via video link from his Jerusalem home, Mr. Rosenberg expressed surprise at being asked to host a weekly television program.

He said he told network officials that he’s “got a face for radio,” and that he’d only do the program if it were to air during America’s “prime time” viewing hours, calling such a programming slot “a huge opportunity” to bring news from the region to evangelicals in the U.S.

“What we want to do is a combination of news, but [also] analysis,” he said. “I want viewers to know not only what is happening in Israel, or that affects Israel in the region, but why it matters, and particularly why it matters to Christians.”

A former researcher for Rush Limbaugh and onetime political adviser to former Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Mr. Rosenberg is noted not only for his novels but also for nonfiction works that bring readers inside the geopolitical realities of the region.

He runs two news services: and, each of which speaks to current events of interest to these respective communities.

He said events in the area demand the attention of world leaders.

“President  Biden came into office not wanting to deal with Israel in the Middle East,” Mr. Rosenberg said. “He wanted to focus on China. He wants to focus on Asia, on Europe, on almost anything but Israel and the Middle East. But you can’t help it: The Middle East has a way of forcing you to pay attention.”

Mr. Rosenberg said his new venture hasn’t deflected his attention from the fictional Marcus Ryker, the American special agent whose nail-biting adventures have sold millions of copies.

“Marcus Ryker is still in the hunt,” he said, adding the novel in the series, “The Libyan Diversion,” will appear in May.

“Come January 1, I’ll begin writing the next Marcus Ryker thriller,” he said.

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