Christian Obumseli’s Texts And Recordings Reveal Girlfriend Courtney Clenny’s History Of Racist Rants


Toxic relationships and domestic abuse are deadly forms of dysfunction. What starts as vicious arguments often escalates into physical altercations.

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New evidence shows Christian “Toby” Obumseli’s fatal stabbing wasn’t the first time his relationship with OnlyFans model Courtney Clenny erupted in violence. The Miami Herald reports that Clenny verbally abused, beat, and stabbed Obumseli before she stabbed him on April 3.

Obumseli’s text messages and secret recordings of Clenny provide a shocking glimpse into the violence that led up to his tragic death.

“Is love going to kill me?” Obumseli wrote to his girlfriend in a vulnerable message. “OK, time after time after time after time after time I tell you ‘Hey, please. Like, you’re hurting me,’ and you’ll say ‘Yeah,’ but then it just repeats,” he added.

The 27-year-old contemplated his fate as he reflected on another attack. Knives are clearly Clenny’s weapon of choice.

“Like what if the knife sliced my lip and it wasn’t sliced by my beard? My cheek? My eye? What might happen next time? I pray there is no [next] time,” he wrote.

Based on Obumseli’s own words, the cycle of abuse was only getting worse. He said in 2021, Clenny stabbed his leg so badly that he was unable able to walk. The next day he suffered a blow to the head that he believed gave him a concussion. The relentless attacks continued this year.

“February was the worst month I had so far. I got cheated on. I got called that word again. I got slapped in my stitches that has re-opened multiple times and it’s not healing fast enough,” Obumseli continued.

The Miami Herald also reported that Obumseli recorded Clenny’s verbal abuse and racist raging. Police recovered several clips of secret recordings during their arguments. Clenny frequently raged, threatened, and hurled racial slurs on the clips. After she repeatedly called him the N-word, Clenny screamed, “man up, b***h” and “shut up and let me slap you, dumb a**!” Listen to the heated exchange below.

In another recording, Obumseli tells her “Courtney, that’s a f**king threat. I asked you something … and I apologized, but you hit me.” Clenny responds, “Shut the f**k up, b***h.”

“It’s a one-sided snapshot in time. It’s not the whole story. It’s missing context,” said Clenny’s lawyers Frank Prieto and Sabrina Puglisi in a statement. The most sensational pieces of evidence are being cherry picked by reporters, without proper context, to feed the public’s curiosity with this case.”

The defense attorneys claim they have further evidence that Clenny was the real victim. They do not dispute that the influencer fatally stabbed Obumseli but claimed she did it in self-defense. In the days before the killing, Clenny requested a restraining order, accusing Obumseli of stalking her. She later downplayed the incident.

“These salacious headlines are distracting from the real issue. This is about the action she took that day to save her own life. It’s not about recordings, text messages, or previous fights,” the statement continued. “Courtney is the victim of domestic violence and we believe she was failed by the system as she repeatedly asked for help.”

The system fails everyone, including racist abusers like Clenny, who continue their violence unchecked. The system clearly failed Obumseli, who suffered abuse in private and public. Surveillance video from their apartment building elevator captured Clenny slapping and beating him months before she fatally stabbed him.

Clenny is currently in jail for a second-degree murder charge.


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