Climate activist Greta Thunberg detained for second time in Germany protesting coal plant


Greta Thunberg was detained Tuesday by German police during a climate demonstration, marking the second time in recent days that the 20-year-old Swedish environmental activist was held while protesting a coal mining project.

Photos and videos circulated online showed a smiling Ms. Thunberg being carried by German officers donned in riot gear as members of the press swarmed. Other activists were also reportedly detained, but it was not immediately clear whether they would be subject to arrest or simply relocated.

Ms. Thunberg was detained in the coal mining town of Lutzerath in western Germany that is set to be demolished to expand a coal mine.

The village has been the epicenter of recent climate protests against the coal mining project because of the increased global warming emissions that would be generated.

Ms. Thunberg, one of the most well-known climate activists, was also detained over the weekend during a similar coal mine protest a few miles from Tuesday’s location.


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