Coast Guard offloads nearly half a billion dollars worth of seized narcotics in Miami


The U.S. Coast Guard on Thursday offloaded some $475 million worth of drugs, including approximately 3,892 pounds of marijuana and 24,700 pounds of cocaine, that were confiscated in recent raids in international waters.

The seizures took place in the Caribbean and the eastern Pacific Ocean, with aid being proffered to the Coast Guard by one U.S. Navy ship and one Royal Netherlands Navy ship.

“Through the coordinated efforts of the… crews, we significantly contributed to the counter-drug mission and the dismantling of transnational criminal organizations,” Commander Jeremy Greenwood said.

The Netherlands controls multiple Caribbean islands, making it a vital international partner for intercepting illegal drug shipments in the region.

U.S. Navy vessels, along with those of foreign allies, operate under the aegis of U.S. Coast Guard bases in Miami and San Diego during law enforcement missions.


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