Coolio’s partner says he will be cremated with no funeral



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The unexpected passing of Coolio has left a great many people grieving as the 59-year-old was in good health and refrained from drinking and smoking. Unfortunately, those who are hurting will not have a chance to say their goodbyes in person because according to DailyMail, Artis Leon Ivey Jr.’s long-time partner (she says she is his wife and took his last name although they were never legally married) Mimi Ivey is speaking publicly about the next steps.

Ivey spoke about her relationship with Coolio and the fact that he was adamant about not wanting any type of service following his death.

‘I’m respecting his wishes. He wanted to be cremated. He did not want a funeral; he did not want a memorial service. He didn’t want any of that,’ she said.

Mimi went on to talk about how he made her feel and the things that attracted her to him

We were best friends. We would talk about everything and joke and laugh about everything. There was never a dull moment being with him,’ said the 41-year-old mother of three.

‘He was an eccentric, a storyteller. He loved life. He loved his family, his career, and he loved to make people smile.’

Mimi is an actress, stripper, dancer, and chef and says when she first met Coolio they didn’t get along at all but after being reintroduced years later, they clicked.

‘I just woke up and he was in my room serving me breakfast in bed,’ she said. ‘I was a little confused. It’s hilarious now, I love having that memory.’

‘He said, “You’re officially my girl. You’re mine. You belong to me. We belong together. It’s us.” And I said, “Okay.”‘

Apparently Coolio was so in love that he took on the responsibility of raising her children from a previous relationship.

‘My daughter asked him to be her father, they had a discussion about it, and he chose to take on the role as her father,’ she said. ‘He embraced that role 100%.’

Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to all those who loved Coolio, especially his family and close friends.



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