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Corvette Delivery Dispatch with National Corvette Seller Mike Furman for August 28th

Corvette Delivery Dispatch with National Corvette Seller Mike Furman for August 28th

Criswell Chevrolet’s Mike Furman delivers new Corvettes to his customers who come from all across the country to work with the nation’s top individual Corvette seller.

Just back from Corvettes at Carlisle, it was a lot of fun to watch Mike Furman holding court throughout the weekend, as the national Corvette seller spent his days talking with customers and friends and making new friends during his four-day visit to the World’s Largest Corvette Event. This week’s dispatch contains his photos from Carlisle before jumping into this week’s C8 Corvette deliveries. Make sure you scroll to the end, as there is another great collection of vintage throwbacks and more. If you met Mike during the weekend, or have a favorite photo from this week’s post, let us know in the comments below!

Check out more Corvettes at Carlisle photos and videos on Mike’s CorvetteFurman Facebook Page.

~ My 40th Corvettes at Carlisle Event that I have attended came and went way too quick??. My friend Jim, Tom, Paul, Basil, Tony, John P. Of Canada, and others look forward to this week all year long and it’s over in the blink of any eye. All the friendships continue and new ones made so that’s all good. Thank you to everyone that stopped by to say hello and talk Corvettes, I handed out well over 1,000 of my Corvette posters!???? Big shout out to Lance Miller and his entire team for another great job well done!???? Look for me at the Corvette Bash late April 2023 held at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Thanks, Rick H. of Delaware for the first two photos as I drove off the Carlisle GM Fairgrounds Saturday mid-afternoon.

Corvette Deliveries with Mike Furman
Corvette Deliveries with Mike Furman

~ Corvettes at Carlisle in Pennsylvania. Incredible time this entire week and a huge Thank you to Lance Miller and his whole team. Enjoy the pictures from a very special Corvette event.

~I’ve made many Corvette friends from across the world in my 45 years selling Corvettes and have attended Carlisle Events since Fall 1978…but this is the first time I was asked to join in a group photo. The attendees from Canada were gracious to extend an invitation for me to take part and I would never turn them down as I count all of them as my friend. The folks in black shirts are all from the GM Corvette team. Thank you John and Heather Price for your friendship.

Corvette Deliveries with Mike Furman

~Ex Professional Race car Driver Jeff Nowicki wanted to share the finer points of “peeling” out after I changed out his license plate frame for my Criswell Corvette metal tag frame. All in good fun as I’ve parked my Corvette next to his vendor space for the last 7+ years at the Corvette event in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

~Just like going to Ellis Island and seeing your ancestors signatures…this really happened yesterday in front of a crowd of people including Keith The Corvette Blogger! Steve Burns of Clarkston, Michigan is an associate of Keith’s and Steve just purchased a 1994 Corvette ZR1, Polo Green with Beige interior and the vin which is sequential to the 448 ZR1’s built in 1994 ends in 443. Gary and RJ Konner gifted me much of the old paperwork when I worked for Konner Auto so I brought just one book to share with My fellow enthusiasts at the Carlisle event. Well Steve and Keith walk up and Steve starts saying that his new to him ZR1 was first delivered at Malcolm Konner Chevrolet. I pull out the book that I brought and in it in Gary Konner’s own handwriting is a list of the ZR1’s that he had ordered along with the original GM order sheet Gary filled out and confirmation back from GM for the order of ZR1 #443. Steve about fell over in shock! The whole crowd was stunned and it added to the lore of Malcolm Konner stories, this one from 29 years later making another Corvette owner smile! Add this story to incredible events that are true facts and I couldn’t make this up!!

~ C8 Corvette Deliveries for the week!

~ Russ H. of Whittier, California factory ordered his stunning Torch Red 2023 Corvette coupe from me and I had it drop shipped for courtesy delivery at his local Chevrolet dealership in Costa Mesa, California. This Corvette looks like a car show all by itself!

~Rob and Jennifer W. of Tulsa, Oklahoma ordered their new Amplify Orange 2023 Corvette Z51 coupe from me and took delivery this past Friday at the Museum in Bowling Green. We had a little bit of a spoiler alert as he had ordered the low wing spoiler but didn’t make it somehow to his final order which worked out ok as Robert decided the standard Z51 spoiler would be suffice as it grew on him quite fast. The Sky cool gray interior with orange seat belts is absolutely perfect on this color combo.

Corvette Deliveries with Mike Furman
Corvette Deliveries with Mike Furman

~Ron B. of Omaha, Nebraska placed his Corvette order with me and he took delivery at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY this past weekend. Check out his new Red Mist metallic 2023 Corvette coupe. Equipment list: 2LT pkg, black interior, GT2 buckets, front lift, magnetic ride, performance exhaust, torch red seat belts and much more.

~Susan L. of Montpelier, Virginia factory ordered her Caffeine Metallic 2023 Corvette Convertible from me and this past Friday took delivery at the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky. Equipment list: 2LT pkg, GT2 buckets, black exhaust tips, performance exhaust, Gloss black wheels, and much more. Smiles all around this week as the museum staff rolled out the red carpet for all my Corvette customers.

~Jeff P. of Garner, North Carolina ordered their new Arctic White 2023 Corvette Z51 coupe from me with the intent of his wife Laura and son joining him at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY…as it turns out his wife and son couldn’t make the trip but I’m sure they will get plenty of seat time once he returns to their North Carolina home. Equipment list: 2LT pkg, front lift, Z51 pkg and more! I am sure Jeff had the red carpet rolled out for him today in Bowling Green.

~The Frank Class Corvette Barn find and throwback section.

Drive safely and enjoy the week.

Mike Furman

Criswell Chevrolet

Gaithersburg, MD

301-212-4420 desk direct (not a text line)

Off Fridays and Sundays

“I sell and ship Nationwide and have done so for 45+ years!

[email protected]


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Mike can deliver new Corvettes at Criswell Chevrolet in Gaithersburg, MD or through the National Corvette Museum’s R8C delivery program. He can also deliver new Corvettes via covered transport direct to your door or a courtesy delivery to the Chevrolet dealer near you.


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