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Corvette Delivery Dispatch with National Corvette Seller Mike Furman for July 10th

Corvette Delivery Dispatch with National Corvette Seller Mike Furman for July 10th

Criswell Chevrolet’s Mike Furman delivers new Corvettes to his customers who come from all across the country to work with the nation’s top individual Corvette seller.

Mike is just returning from a well-deserved vacation so the new C8 Corvette deliveries are limited this week to a couple of customers who did R8C deliveries at the National Corvette Museum. But, if you read our post on Friday, you will know that Mike took delivery of his 23 personal Corvette which was the new 70th Anniversary Edition in White Pearl Metallic. Make sure you also check out the throwback and vintage pics and let us know your favorites in the comments.

~It’s been 35 years since I purchased an Anniversary edition Corvette…Today I took delivery of my 23rd Corvette, a White Pearl 2023 Corvette Convertible VIN 00007 as all the 70th Anniversary editions are sequential. This is possibly/probably the very first retail delivery as most of the target production weeks for these “70th” cars start 8/8/22. The White Pearl paint on a Corvette has never been done and it’s stunning. My 35th anniversary Corvette was White/Black as were all 2,050 in 1988, mine was #131.

I chose no stripes on my 70th with a Carbon Flash black top/nacelles as I was trying to mirror the 35th from 1988. It’s interesting that the color code on my build sheet reads out “Abalone” instead of White Pearl metallic tri-coat. Abalone is the GM original code name, I’ve seen this in the past over the last few decades.

Other options that I ordered: Competition seats, Black exhaust tips, Performance exhaust, and of course the heavy content of 3LT and 70th Anniversary special. Criswell Chevrolet of Gaithersburg, MD PDI’d and delivery inspected my new Corvette and I switched cars, signed the paperwork, and transferred tags. I completed the Onstar/mygmrewards process and drove it home to wash the car at home. Enjoy the pics of my new 70th anniversary and the old shots of my 35th Anniversary from so many years ago. Well there you have it, my own delivery post. Big thanks to Jason, Bart and Peter for having everything ready when I came in today as I’m still on vacation. I told the used car director to not wash my trade in as that would make it dirty!??

Corvette Furman

[email protected]

~I was gifted the perfect 4th of July shirt from the Sam Houston Corvette Club of Texas. Thank you to all the club members!

Corvette Deliveries with Mike Furman
Corvette Deliveries with Mike Furman

~I played another round of Golf on Wednesday and Chuck Valentini had his new pre production Z06 with him so of course I took some pictures. I could hear the throaty rumble before he even pulled into the parking lot! I had two birdies, got to see the Z06 again and ran into a Corvette customer inside at Lunch. Fun was had by all.

~ C8 deliveries

~Dean E. of Saint Louis, Missouri placed his order with me and yesterday he took delivery at the corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY. Dean spec’d out his new 2023 Corvette Z51 coupe in Elkhart Lake Blue with Black/Sky cool gray interior. Fully equipped and looks like the whole family had a blast on their special day!

~Pat K. of Winnetka, Illinois was referred to me by his brother John whom I have known for over 30 years through the muscle car hobby. Pat took museum delivery yesterday in Bowling Green of his new Ceramic Matrix gray 2023 Corvette Z51 convertible with the tension blue/twilight blue interior combo.

Corvette Deliveries with Mike Furman

~The Frank Class Corvette barn find and throwback picture section for the week of 7/10/22. Enjoy the oldies.

Drive safely and enjoy the week.

Mike Furmam

Criswell Chevrolet

Gaithersburg, MD

301-212-4420 desk direct (not a text line)

Off Fridays and Sundays

“I sell and ship Nationwide and have done so for 44+ years!

[email protected]


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Mike can deliver new Corvettes at Criswell Chevrolet in Gaithersburg, MD or through the National Corvette Museum’s R8C delivery program. He can also deliver new Corvettes via covered transport direct to your door or a courtesy delivery to the Chevrolet dealer near you.


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