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Corvette Museum’s Motorsports Park Will Receive $2.4 Million in Improvements

Corvette Museum's Motorsports Park Will Receive $2.4 Million in Improvements

Photo Credits: NCM Motorsports Park

In the early morning hours of December 10, 2021, the National Corvette Museum’s Motorsports Park was hit by an EF-3 tornado and the damage to the facility was significant. Today, the NCM’s Board of Directors has announced a rebuilding and expansion plan that will make many new improvements to the various buildings at the track.

“The National Corvette Museum, along with our board of directors, looked at the extent of the damage to the Motorsports Park and decided to find the silver lining in a really difficult circumstance,” says Sharon Brawner, NCM President and CEO. “The improvements we have planned will take our already world-class racing facility to the next level, including much-needed indoor and outdoor event spaces, bar and restaurant offerings in our track observation areas, and upgraded garage facilities.”

Damage to the Holley Control Tower following strike by a tornado.

With the press release, these new artist renderings show how the new buildings will look when these upgrades are completed. The upgraded facilities include the Holley Control Tower and the Kimberlee A. Fast Pavilion.

The Holley Control Tower’s expansion will include a rooftop bar and an expanded observation deck, additional classroom space, event rental space, and a fully operational catering kitchen. The building will also see a redesigned guest check-in and retail space.

Corvette Museum's Motorsports Park Will Receive $2.4 Million in Improvements

The Kimberlee A. Fast Pavilion will have quick-service dining and a fully operational kitchen, an expanded viewing area for spectators, and a track-side patio with seating.

The NCM Motorsports Park opened in 2014 with a course designed by Steve Crawford with input from Corvette Racing which resulted in a number of track features similar to those at Le Mans.

Corvette Museum's Motorsports Park Will Receive $2.4 Million in Improvements

Greg Waldon, Executive Director of the NCM Motorsports Park says the new upgrades will allow track participants, observers, and other guests to experience a level of facilities on par with the excellence of the track itself.

“We want all of the guests who visit the Motorsports Park to have an exceptional experience,” said Waldron. “With the addition of these new amenities and reimagined spaces, the Motorsports Park will be the foremost racing and karting destination in the Southeast.”


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