Corvette Stingray/Z06 Production Update for October 2022

Corvette Stingray/Z06 Production Update for October 2022

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The Corvette Assembly Plant reopened last Monday after being down for the previous week due to a parts supply issue. I always like to share Corvette production numbers when available, and below you will find our latest counts thanks to various sources.

Like we’ve seen previously on a production week that followed a plant closure, the production counts are very good and that always offers hope that the much-needed parts and supplies made it to the plant and the team can get back to building cars. On the first day back, we saw 187 regular-production Stingrays produced on that Monday (10/24), and 196 were produced on Wednesday (10/26). We are currently looking at around 15,600 regular production Stingrays produced so far for the 2023 model year.

Likewise, we also see the 70th Anniversary numbers rise as production resumed. Our previous update on the count was behind the actual number by at least 100 cars. On Thursday afternoon, a White Pearl 70th Anniversary Coupe was finished for a friend of ours wearing VIN sequence #1245. We also assume that the number of 70th Anniversary Stingrays grew by the end of Friday’s second shift. Between the two Stingray models, we are ballparking the total count to be around 16,800 for the model year.

Corvette Assembly Plant
Photo Credit: Keith Cornett

When it comes to the 2023 Corvette Z06, we saw another 10 cars or so produced during the week. Our spreadsheet with numbers gathered from several sources leads us to believe that 41 customer-ordered Z06s have been produced, with the total made up of 19 regular-production Z06s and 22 70th Anniversary models. At least 14 of the 19 regular production Z06s have the Z07 package (I am missing that data on two orders, so not 100%), and Coupes lead the HTCs in production 10 to 9. That’s the opposite on the 70th Anniversary Z06s, with 16 of the 22 being HTCs while only six are Coupes. We also show most of the 70th Anniversary Z06s to be White Pearl Metallic, with only six of the Anniversary models being Carbon Flash Metallic. All of the produced Z06s remain at 3800 Status (produced) but have not yet moved out of the Quality Assurance hold, and dealers are still without invoices.

Corvette seller Rick Conti also provided a Z06 update on this Thursday evening video in which he said there were also a total of 216 Z06s built so far for the Z06 Captured Test Fleet (CTF). Most of these models will eventually find their way back to Chevrolet dealers once the testing phase is completed, so these numbers are worth including. With the addition of Friday’s production, 257 saleable Z06s have now been built.

Our last look at Z06 numbers comes from Ciocca Corvette of Atlantic City who updated their public 2023 Corvette Orders page. We dumped the chart into Excel and found 42 Z06s on the list, with just seven completed (Status 3800). Ten orders are now 3100, four are 3300, three are 3400, and the rest are at 3000. That list is also interesting as just 13 are Coupes while 29 are Convertibles.


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