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Corvettes for Sale: Package Deal of Three 1984 Corvettes on Craigslist


Back in the day, an enthusiast like me would have thought he was in high cotton if he could afford to buy three 1984 Corvettes at the same time.

Fast forward nearly 40 years, however, and that goal is not nearly as high-falootin’ as it once sounded.

In fact, someone in the Vancouver, Washington area has three 1984 Corvettes for sale on Craigslist, in the most popular color that year (Bright Red, with 12,942 built out of 51,547), the least popular shade (Light Blue Metallic, with 1,196 built), and perhaps what we think could be a custom purple accented by silver stripes.

Corvettes for Sale: Package Deal of Three 1984 Corvettes on Craigslist

They are available separately – $9,999 for the red, $4,999 for the blue, and $3,499 for the purple – or as an economical package deal for just $14,999. Not bad, considering they each had a base price of $21,800 when new.

The red car seems to be in the best condition, with the seller claiming it has undergone a “bumper to bumper restoration,” with more than $10,000 in parts and 400 hours of “hard work” to turn it into a “like new” Corvette.

Corvettes for Sale: Package Deal of Three 1984 Corvettes on Craigslist

That work includes new high performance brakes, shocks, front end parts, steering rack and pump, wheel bearings, tires, distributor msd coil, water pump, air conditioning compressor and accumulator, fuel injectors, reconditioned throttle bodies, and “many other parts too numerous to mention to make the car dependable and perform,” he says. Performance items include new Walker free flow Corvette mufflers, Hypertech power chip, K&N filter and performance tuning claimed to add 65 horsepower.

The resulting car “rocks,” he concludes.

The blue car needs some attention, including new seat covers and lower door carpet, along with new door and window weatherstripping, but the seller believes it “can be a very nice car without too much work.” Described as “mechanically sound,” this Corvette has had all fluid changes, new brake pads, and like-new rotors and rebuilt calipers.

Corvettes for Sale: Package Deal of Three 1984 Corvettes on Craigslist

The purple car requires the most work, but the seller describes it as “mechanically sound” and says it “runs and drives great,” despite its “pretty rough” paint job. It has new brakes, distributor cap and rotor, plug wires and plugs, new injectors, and all fluid changes. He believes a new owner will need to replace the weatherstripping, seat covers, and miscellaneous items claimed to total about $1,000.

All the work has been done by a certified master technician with 30 years experience in the marine industry.

So how about it, would you like to be the proud owner of these three 1984 Corvettes? We could see someone enjoying the red one while turning the other two into fun father-son projects.



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