Corvettes for Sale: Three Vettes From the 1960s for the Price of One


Corvettes for Sale: Three Vettes From the 1960s for the Price of One

Like Tod and Buz of the old “Route 66” TV show, the owner of these three 1960s-era Corvette convertibles has had a good time behind the wheel.

But now he says he’s getting too old to shift the four-speed manual transmissions anymore and is ready – somewhat begrudgingly – to part with all three of them on Craigslist for a package price of $72,500.

“Have a Lotta good times in them,” he says of the ’61, ’63, and ’66 Corvettes.

It hurts to sell them, he adds, but life is too short. “I love the cars but life more important.”

1963 Corvevtte Convertible

We’re not told much else about the condition of the cars, but a series of photos do offer up some tips for the discerning buyer.

The red-on-red ’61, shown inside a trailer, includes a removable hardtop and at least appearance-wise looks nice.

1966 Corvevtte Convertible

The light blue ’63 is only shown from a distance sitting in a driveway, and we don’t know how old the photos are. Still, it looks good.

We see the silver ’66 inside a garage, with its black soft top and excellent black interior on display.

At an average price of less than $25,000 per car, this sounds like it could be the makings of a good deal, though of course, a seller would be wise to see them in person to make an accurate judgment.

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