CPAC asks House Republicans for pledge not to meet with ‘woke’ corporations


The Conservative Political Action Coalition is urging House Republicans to not meet with any corporations that have gone “woke” and have targeted the conservative movement.

Matt Schlapp, chairman of CPAC, accused several companies of colluding with the Biden administration to “silence conservative voices” and spread misinformation about voter ID and election security.

“Pledge that you will not meet with these CEOs or their leadership teams, especially their Government Affairs staff, who have been hostile to policies that help all Americans until they change their ways,” Mr. Schlapp wrote in a letter to Republicans’ chiefs of staff.

Mr. Schlapp also warned lawmakers against meeting with corporations that have promoted “radical gender theory” on children, paid for travel costs for employees’ abortions, and supported Black Lives Matter in any way.

The letter includes links to articles about companies such as Walmart, Meta, Delta and Disney.

The request comes as House Republicans unveiled their “Commitment to America” policy plan that laid out a legislative agenda on the economy, crime, education, and national security.

Mr. Schlapp cautioned lawmakers that if Republicans secure the majority, corporations will “cozy back up to conservatives” after attacking the party following the 2020 presidential election.

“CPAC calls on you to take a stand and not allow this to happen without a renunciation of woke policies and racist attacks on the GOP,” Mr. Schlapp said.

“This is the Republican Party’s moment to declare independence from corporate special interest money that flows from left-leaning large publicly traded companies who in the end don’t believe that America is a special place and work to undermine those institutions and society that uphold Western civilization,” he said.

Republicans are widely expected to recapture the House. They need a net gain of just five seats in November to secure the majority.


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