Cynthia Bailey Denies Peter Thomas Reconciliation Rumors

Cynthia Bailey knows a social media post seemingly hinted at her reconciling with her ex-husband and she’s issuing a response.

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On Thursday, Bailey’s official Facebook page posted a pic of her laying across Peter Thomas’ lap with the caption, “OFFICIALLY COMING HOME.”

The pic of course spurned speculation that Cynthia was reconciling with Thomas amid her split from Mike Hill. 

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The post however was actually linked to an article about Bailey leaving L.A. and returning to her Lake Bailey estate in Atlanta.

Now Cynthia’s explaining the peculiar post, while not exactly addressing why the coupled-up photo was used.

Cynthia Bailey Denies Peter Thomas Reconciliation Rumors

TheShadeRoom reached out to Cynthia to clear up the confusion and she confirmed that she’s not rekindling things with her ex.



“Peter and I are not back together. We are friends only. We were married for 8 years, so of course, we have remained friendly and cordial,” Cynthia told TSR. “I am and have always been very close to his oldest daughter Porsche.”

“He reached out to me after the news of my divorce like so many others that care about me to simply say that he was sorry to hear the news and that I deserved to be happy,” she added.

As previously reported Cynthia said that upon hearing news of her impending divorce, the restaurateur told her that he “wishes her the best” and called her a Queen.


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Do YOU think Peter Thomas wants that old thang back? Moreover, did YOU think Cynthia’s confusing Facebook post hinted at a reconciliation?

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