D.C. almost doubling its traffic enforcement cameras in 2023

The D.C. Department of Transportation is nearly doubling its traffic enforcement camera presence in the new year and will put cameras in bus lanes for the first time.

Currently, the District has 136 traffic enforcement cameras: 36 at red lights, eight at stop signs and 92 for speeding. The city plans to boost that total by around 130, according to DCist, plus adding them to bus lanes to help keep those clear.

The planned expansion comes after the city added more than 50 cameras in 2022, according to WTOP. Despite the plethora of traffic enforcement mechanisms, D.C. still had 33 traffic deaths in 2022, a number the city would like to see drop to zero.

Most cameras are in the eastern half of D.C., but both D.C. council members and residents can request that new cameras be installed at specific locations.

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