D.C. man sentenced to 20 years for shooting woman, child over scooter


A D.C. man was sentenced to 20 years behind bars for shooting a woman and her child during a dispute over a scooter in Northwest D.C. last year.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia said that Anthony Bedney, 27, received his sentence Friday after he pleaded guilty to one count of assault with intent to kill with a dangerous weapon and two counts of possession of a firearm.

The sentencing stems from an incident along 10th Street NW on May 18, 2021, when Bedney shot a woman and her five-year-old child, which left the woman hospitalized for six weeks and the child with a bullet that is still lodged in their back. 

On that day, the attorney’s office said that Bedney parked a rented scooter in a bike lane. A woman told Bedney that he couldn’t leave his scooter there before she went and moved it herself. Bedney then returned to kick the scooter over. 

The attorney’s office said that the woman said something to the effect of “My kids are playing here,” to which Bedney responded by yelling an expletive. That’s when the woman’s husband began arguing with Bedney and threw the scooter at Bedney, who wasn’t hit.

When the family was going back inside their home, the attorney’s office said that Bedney put on a black ski-type mask over his head, retrieved a gun from his bag and fired seven shots at the family. The woman was hit in the chest/neck area, and the child was hit in the back.

Bedney had fled the scene, but police were able to find and arrest him on May 27, 2021, through the scooter rental company’s records. 


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