Daunte Wright’s Family To Receive $3.25 Million Settlement



Source: KEREM YUCEL / Getty

We’ve often heard that Minnesota was one of the most racist, anti-Black, hateful places in America. Over the course of two years it appears that those opinions on the land of 10,000 lakes is pretty accurate. Time and time again we see instances of police brutality and unjust murder that become national news via viral video. At this point, the city has paid millions of dollars in lawsuit settlements and today’s news brings that number to an even higher total…

Daunte Wright’s Family Settles Brooklyn Center Lawsuit For $3.25 Million

Kim Potter was convicted of the manslaughter of Daunte Wright following a traffic stop where she shot him dead with her service pistol, she claimed she was reaching for her taser. We call bulls**t and so did the judge when Potter was sentenced to two years in the bing on first and second-degree charges. Today, according to CNN, Wright’s family received another semblance of justice as the city of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota agreed to settle the wrongful death lawsuit against them for $3.25 million.

Don’t get it twisted though, the family is asking for much more than money according to their lawyers:

This settlement will not be finalized until agreement is also reached on substantial and meaningful non-monetary relief,” the attorneys wrote in the news release.

Changes are expected to include training on police intervention, implicit bias, weapons confusion, de-escalation as well as how to handle situations arising during mental health crises, the attorneys explained.

Additionally, there will be a permanent memorial statue erected in the place of the current Daunte Wright Memorial. No one will be able to walk that street again and not see what the police did to an innocent Black body.


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