David Hogg vows to never have children: ‘I would much rather own a Porsche’


Apparently the Second Amendment advocates of the 2040s won’t have to worry about David Hogg Jr.

Gun-control activist David Hogg said on social media over the weekend that he was taking himself out of the gene pool.

In a lengthy thread, the liberal activist said children are a luxury good affordable only by the few — “the new boats,” he called them.

“Yes kids are nice but most people can’t afford them so it’s nice to have friends with one but not have one yourself. Pets are the affordable version of kids today for Millennials and Gen Z,” Mr. Hogg said.

Mr. Hogg said he has other priorities.

“Like me? I’m never planning on having kids. I would much rather own a Porsche,” he said.

Besides a belief that children are unaffordable and a preference for German sports cars, Mr. Hogg said he will remain childless as an ideological statement.

“Also BIG reason I will never have kids in the US- I refuse to raise kids in a country that values f—ing guns over children’s lives,” he said.

Mr. Hogg’s career as a gun-control activist has shown him too much grief to want children, he concluded.

“I know far too many parents who have had their kids killed by gun violence. No one should ever feel that kind of pain. Ever,” he said.


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