De Lune: Catching Up: Wears/Wares


Observe: 2 years-worth of catching up on the stuff I fill our apartment with and a couple amusing outfits.

Here are some wareswears

Rachel Comey made these fishnet flared “pants”. I wear them under dresses often, especially in the summer months when I wanna wear something that feels fall-adjacent. Here I paired ’em with a Theyskens’ Theory dress that I have own two colors. I will continue to explain: I was obsessed with Theyskens’ Theory in college. Olivier Theyskens produced these über cool and practical city girl-friendly collections and I thought everything he made while there was practical and just so very sleek. This dress is actually two pieces: an a-line shift with a whispy/smoky chiffon overlay, PLUS it has a hidden hoodie pocket!! I mean!!!

Jevins surprised me with wall-mounted holders he made for my mezzaluna chopper collection this past year. These marbled enamel pie tin pans are from the late-1800s, sitting on our kitchen butcher block amongst other late-nineteenth century cooking ephemera that I have proudly found in my local thrift stores

A mother of pearl stamp holder that I purchased from Everthine Antiques (give ’em a follow!)
A Grainne Morton necklace paired with my Bing Bang name plate. I wore these together shortly after my paternal grandmother, Carol, passed away this year. Geist is actually her maiden name, my dad changed it in her honor when he was in college.

Sai made this. I love her.

The living room. Always chaos. It doesn’t look like this right now but this precarious stacking situation somehow didn’t fall over for two years.

Grýla tucked underneath a rag quilt<3. 

We have been buying the flower print sheets from Spoonflower for a few years. They’re nosebleed expensive but satisfy the “flower bed” we wanted to create for ourselves.

I need more red hangers. When I go to thrift stores I often find and buy the antique hangers that folks overlook. Some of them are handmade or finished by hand! I put special stuff on this red lacquer number when I set stuff out to wear the night before an event.

Ephemera. An oversized Tom Ford shirt, my favorite denim duster and all kinds of bits ‘n bobs jewelry.

Obligatory obnoxious tabi photo.

I had bleached hair for a hot second when I decided to grow my hair back after shaving it. It was a winter wherein I matched my outerwear to the hue of my hair.

My beloved jewelbox vanity situation. I’m slowly collecting bottles from Kindred Black along with thrift store/antique porcelain that I have been truly accumulating for years.

Whadya think? 



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